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VERA is in good company. VERA now belongs to the ITyX Group

Customer experience management and Web self-service for today’s customer communications

Enterprise Future
Since 2003, VERA has been developed with a focus on offering an efficient, stable and practical software solution for modern-day customer communications in the service market that can be installed and implemented quickly and easily. Since spring 2011, VERA is part of the ITyX Group. In August 2011, we successfully introduced the new VERA release. VERA is the ideal entry-level solution for today’s email customer communications at organizations of various sizes. In addition to AOK, Deutsche Telekom, Nero, Nintendo, Swiss Airlines, Vodafone and Weltbild Verlag, the German Federal Government’s press and information office is among the happy VERA clients. 

Science and Software
The ITyX Group develops “thinking” software solutions for customer experience management and customer self-service in close cooperation with universities and research institutions. Our solutions combine all contact channels between organisations and consumers on one centralised intelligent workflow platform: mail, email, Web, SMS, social media, call tickets. These software solutions observe how agents and customers (customer self-service) interact with text-based data and autonomously extrapolate knowledge that is then applied to future classification and interpretation of information. Thus, text-based data can be identified, interpreted, evaluated and prioritised, transferred to customisable business processes and presented to agents at the optimal time for final processing. In customer experience management, this is the foundation for exhilarating service experiences. 

Service and Innovation
ITyX - the technology company behind VERA – is the manufacturer and integrator of intelligent email and mailroom solutions for roughly one third of Germany’s top 50 companies. With ITyX solutions, your company will master the balancing act between the automation of customer communications (customer self-service) and a very intent creation of unique service experiences (customer experience management). At the heart of it all is a centralized dynamic knowledge base. VERA clients benefit from ITyX’ innovative product development, many years of integration experience and multi-lingual support.

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