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Enduser Licence Agreement (EULA) VERA light


(1) For cases that are free of charge, the customer is granted the nonexclusive right to use VERA software without restriction to time and place. This right only authorises the customer to save the program on a computer and load it into the main memory. No other right of use is granted. The right of use is granted to enable the customer to test the program for a limited number of documents.

(2) Without prior written approval from VERA, the customer is not entitled to transfer the right of use to third parties or grant them rights of use.

(3) The reverse translation of the provided program code into other forms of code (decompiling) as well as other forms of reverse engineering of the various phases of production of the computer program including changes to the program are impermissible.

(4) Without the express written approval of VERA, the customer promises not to provide the original or complete or partial copies of the software and documentation for use to third parties.

(5) After the test period is over, the customer must immediately delete the test version and all copies unless the customer has acquired the right to further use the software by this time.

(6) VERA is entitled to extend the right of use at any time, or to terminate it before the expiration of the originally agreed period.

(7) The liability and warranty for free software is governed by statutory regulations. This means that VERA is only liable for damage arising from willful intent or fraud.

(8) The parties hereby agree to apply the law of the Federal Republic of Germany for all legal matters relating to this contractual relationship.

(9) If the customer is considered a businessman pursuant to the commercial code, a legal entity under public law or special fund under public law, it is hereby agreed that the place of jurisdiction for resolving all disputes associated with this contractual relationship will be Koblenz.

(10) Any and all agreements that contain an amendment, addition or specification of these contractual conditions must be in writing.

(11) Should a provision of the contract or any supplementary agreements be or become void, this shall not affect the validity of the rest of the contract.

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