VERA is back

With VERA, technology provider ITyX now offers an affordable entry-level solution for workflow-based email management at organizations with two to 500 simultaneous workstations.

Telephone has long lost its status as consumers’ preferred channel for communicating with companies or authorities. More than 50 % decline the offer to call service hotlines. However, 80 % of consumers choose email as a quick and easy contact channel. This data is documented in the pan-European market research study Customer Service Trends by Aspect.

VERA Software GmbH, the newest member in the group of companies held by technology provider ITyX, this month released a new version of its software of the same name – VERA. The workflow-based email management solution enables organisations of all sizes to intelligently manage the flood of incoming emails, which has been steadily rising for years. ITyX acquired VERA this spring, adopting the the software company into its corporate lineup as an independent subsidiary. Each month, more than 60 companies, ministries and public administration offices in Germany and neighbouring countries distribute and respond to several million customer emails with VERA. The new VERA software was introduced as ITyX’ corporate partners gathered in Cologne, Germany recently. 

The new VERA impresses through further improvement of performance and numerous modes for email processing in contact centres and support organisations. Further, it was announced that an entry-level version of VERA would be available in October 2011. This “starter VERA” was specifically designed for small businesses seeking a future-proof solution for customer communications by email, mail or online that does not require binding investments in installation and operation. “VERA is a universal entry-level solution for companies in the small to mid-size market segment,” ITyX Founder and VERA CEO Süleyman Arayan explained at the launch. “We are about to surprise the market with a very affordable, expandable solution,” Arayan adds.

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