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How do I set up the response procedure?

You can predefine any number of text modules are standard responses for each area of responsibility. These responses are presented to the agent for selection using automatic text analysis. If needed, the agent can also independently search for suitable text modules in VERA. The agent has access to the customer's complete history and is able to read all previous e-mails from the customer and the responses. If needed, information can be provided from other systems, such as billing data from SAP, which is integrated into the system. A corresponding plug-in can be created.

Appended files are presented to the agent in sequential form. If the attachments are zipped, they can be automatically unzipped. Agents can also attach files to their answers. A library can be created with important files such as manuals, contracts or screenshots that are available to the appropriate agents in VERA. Files from other systems can also be requested using the plug-in system. If needed, this can be implemented for specific customers.
Headers and footers such as salutations and signatures in the response e-mails can be centrally configured individually for each area and subarea of responsibility. The customer's name can be automatically entered in a response using a macro if the name was sent in the request.

Agents can forward their e-mails to internal or external users if necessary. Forwarding is recorded along with all the other steps.

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