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Integrated customer dialogue and full scope of functions. VERA for medium-size and large companies.

The open system architecture of VERA, the Virtual E-Mail Response Assistant, can be easily linked to existing CRM and ERP systems. Distributed use (internal use, use by service providers and home offices) is possible, as is the easy inclusion of up to 500 employees. 

All the questions and answers regarding the use of VERA enterprise in your company can be found here. 

Questions about VERA enterprise

1 What is e-mail response management?

E-mail management is the procedure within service-oriented companies of recording the content of incoming customer messages for a specific service level and forwarding them at the right time to an employee with the appropriate skill level. E-mail response management systems (ERMS) offer employees templates and tools for quickly and easily generating appropriate answers to customer messages with simple mouse clicks.

2 How does VERA enterprise work?

VERA references centrally-maintained e-mail addresses to automatically classify incoming e-mail according to language and content, filters out unproductive or harmful e-mail (spam), and forwards the e-mail to the most suitable employee. Notifications of receipt and provisional replies are automatically sent to the sender by the system in the appropriate language. Each e-mail is assigned a unique ticket number and always has a distinct status. Once the e-mail is processed, VERA provides the employee at a glance with the previous customer history of the interaction and proposes optional responses to the customer's wishes. VERA employs an authorization system in which the details of the employee's qualifications and authorizations are saved. Monitoring and reporting components provide management with an ongoing general overview of the e-mail traffic as well as informative indexes for planning and control.

3 Which companies need e-mail response management?

All companies and organizations that receive e-mail messages from customers and partners in typical function-oriented mailboxes (such as info@company.com), or that wish to introduce mailboxes to help keep track of interactions with customers.

4 How is VERA enterprise licenced?

The license model for VERA is very simple. It is based on the volume of incidents that you process using VERA in your company. You buy this volume beforehand from VERA then transfer it to your installation using a license key. Cost: Starting at € 0.04 per e-mail including support. Submit your individual offer.

5 How is VERA enterprise supported?

When you buy VERA enterprise, you are eligible for support from VERA Professional Service and the VERA support team by e-mail and telephone.

6 How is VERA enterprise supplied, and who helps you with integration?

A reliable standard procedure is used to install and start VERA enterprise. Consultants and members of our professional services team are available to help you with implementation (process design, training and project support).

7 Can I add ITyX modules to VERA?

You can buy additional incident volume for VERA enterprise at any time. Submit an individual offer. Should you wish to switch to the modules of the ITyX Mediatrix family at a later time, your VERA installation will be deducted along with the cost for the license of the ITyX solutions.

8 Do I need a special server or database?

Microsoft SQL Server 2005. The express editions have a limited maximum database size (SQL Server 2005 Express: 4 GB, SQL Server 2008 Express: 10 GB)

Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 redistributable package SP1 fr x86 platforms; the language (English, German) depends on the language of the VERA version.

9 What are the system requirements for VERA enterprise?

VERA can be installed on the present generation of office computers. The required hardware depends on the volume of data and the database size.

Processors that are 1 GHz or faster, have 512 MB of main memory or more, 1 GB of free hard disk space (for smaller databases) or more, and monitors with a resolution of 1024x768 pixels.

10 Is it worth buying an e-mail response management system?

Generally, the following rule applies: If more than 150 males are processed daily and there is no reliable reporting method for the volume and content of the messages, then an e-mail response management system can reduce customer service processing costs by 30% to 75%.

11 How can VERA enterprise be integrated in existing system environments?

No specific IT expertise is required to install and configure VERA. You can easily connect to your e-mail server via POP3/SMTP. You can always adapt VERA to changing content or technical requirements. It is generally recommendable to link VERA to the applications within your company. VERA offers standard plug-ins for integration with CRM (customer relationship management), ERP (enterprise resource planning) and ACD environments (telephony platforms). VERA uses an open architecture with standard interfaces.

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