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VERA light: Free beginner solution

The free VERA light e-mail program organizes your e-mail dialogues

Put an end to e-mail chaos. VERA light, the free e-mail program, systematically distributes incoming e-mail to your employees. At all times, you retain an overview of the dialogue with your customers and interested parties.

All the questions and answers regarding the use of VERA light in your company can be found here. 

Questions about VERA light

1 What is e-mail response management?

E-mail management is the procedure within service-oriented companies of recording the content of incoming customer messages for a specific service level and forwarding them at the right time to an employee with the appropriate skill level. E-mail response management systems (ERMS) offer employees templates and tools for quickly and easily generating appropriate answers to customer messages with simple mouse clicks.

2 How does VERA light work?

VERA references centrally-maintained e-mail addresses to automatically classify incoming e-mail according to language and content, filters out unproductive or harmful e-mail (spam), and forwards the e-mail to the most suitable employee. Notifications of receipt and provisional replies are automatically sent to the sender by the system in the appropriate language. Each e-mail is assigned a unique ticket number and always has a distinct status. Once the e-mail is processed, VERA provides the employee at a glance with the previous customer history of the interaction and proposes optional responses to the customer's wishes. VERA employs an authorization system in which the details of the employee's qualifications and authorizations are saved. Monitoring and reporting components provide management with an ongoing general overview of the e-mail traffic as well as informative indexes for planning and control.

3 Which companies need VERA light?

VERA light is tailored for small and medium-size businesses that receive e-mail messages from customers and partners in typical function-oriented mailboxes (such as info@company.com), or that wish to introduce mailboxes to help keep track of interactions with customers.

4 How is VERA light licensed?

The license model of VERA is based on the volume of e-mail that is processed with VERA. VERA light is free and can handle up to 50,000 incidents. The free volume is displayed each time VERA is started. When the volume is used up and you wish to continue using VERA, you can order the appropriate software for your situation online in the VERA Shop (starting at € 900). You are automatically issued the desired number of support tickets which allow a specialist to respond to your technical and business questions.  

5 How is VERA light supported?

With the free download, you are assigned a customer number that allows you to access the VERA Support Portal. You can receive individual support without additional cost (by telephone or e-mail) if you order one of the VERA volume packages in the VERA Shop (starting at € 900). You are automatically issued the desired number of tickets which you can use online to access a specialist to respond to your technical and business questions.

6 How is VERA light installed?

A standard procedure is used to install and start VERA light. The VERA video "Installation" tutorial provides you with all the necessary details.

If you want to use VERA in a large company and require support, send a proposal request for the use of VERA enterprise to the VERA team.

7 Can I add ITyX modules to VERA light at a later time?

Users of VERA light are unable to add on self-training solutions of ITyX. Please refer to the expansion options for VERA enterprise.

8 What are the system requirements for VERA light?

VERA can be installed on the present generation of office computers with Microsoft Windows (XP or higher). The required hardware depends on the volume of data and the database size. Microsoft SQL Server database server (at least free edition "Express") must be installed.

Processors that are 1 GHz or faster, have 512 MB of main memory or more, 10 GB of free hard disk space (for smaller databases) or more, and monitors with a resolution of 1024x768 pixels.

9 How can VERA light be integrated in existing system environments?

VERA light cannot be deeply integrated using standard plug-ins (including the 4-sellers module, LDAP module, and survey and QA module). Please refer to the integration options using VERA enterprise.

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