VERA "Gets" Email Communication

VERA is your essential email response management software for efficient customer communication.

Every day, your customers, prospects and partners get in touch with you through functional inboxes (e.g. service@yourcompany.com, support@yourcompany.com) or Web forms. And every email inquiry comes with an expectation attached to it. With increasing volume, conventional email solutions such as Outlook or Lotus Notes are no longer powerful enough to guarantee efficient handling.     

VERA email response management software understands the content of incoming emails, routes them based on agent skills and priority, and suggests standard responses to resolve the issue at hand.

Select your VERA version:

Comparison of versions



Unlimited number of users
Unlimited number of e-mail mailboxes
Classification and routing
Use of plug-ins of third party systems
Support of VERA specialists
Integration provided by VERA professional service


Automatic email routing

  • Automated categorising into appropriate topics (incl. integrated spam filter)
  • Automatic skill-based routing to available agents (by language and expertise)
  • Automatic text template suggestions (standard responses)

Integrated escalation management

  • Assessment of idle times and service levels
  • Execution of escalation processes in the event that thresholds are exceeded
  • Resolving multiple requests by the same customer in one response email

Integrated quality control, real-time monitoring and reporting

  • Dynamic reporting
  • Rating of service quality through subsequent survey
  • Monitoring of inquiry volume and available resources

Intuitive user interface

  • Displays customer history for active ticket
  • Displays comments and notes about customer or case
  • Displays adequate standard responses and attachments

Comprehensive dialog features

  • Schedule customer tickets (backburner, follow up)
  • Internal forwarding/external forwarding to 2nd level with review/approval of response
  • Automatic acknowledgement of receipt and interim responses

Integrated customer data

  • Overview of entire email correspondence at any time
  • Notes about customer and individual email messages
  • Join multiple email addresses in one customer record
  • Optimized interfaces to CRM systems

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